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Frequently Asked Questions

As Ambitious As You Are

Skrtich Living understands the essential role that accommodation plays in the student experience. Our mission is to provide a hassle-free, secure and all-inclusive living environment so that each student can focus on what matters. Skrtich Living residences redefine the student living experience - we are a leader in Niagara's off-campus housing; defining student living through unique accomodations.  As a company we are committed to passionate service, integrity, quality, respect for people, growth, innovation, insight and above all a commitment to excellence. We aim to deliver the greatest possible quality and value to all of our residents. Standing out from the crowd, Skrtich Living will work hard to ensure our accommodations complete a great student experience.

Location, Location, Location

Most Skrtich Living residences are found in or on the outskirts of Thorold's downtown. Unbeknown to many students from out of town - Brock University is found on Thorold's townline road, therefore closer to the University than most St. Catharine's off-campus alternatives! Thorold's downtown is built for smart living. A walkable, chique, culturally fun, and innovative downtown to perfect your student experience. Thorold's downtown is home to over 200 likeminded students and young professionals. We believe Thorold will become an economic powerhouse in the future Niagara Region. We believe a forward thinking downtown promotes vision and growth to all its residents.

Security & Safety

Our buildings are secure by design and incorporate 24/7 video surveillance for your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Smoke alarms are tested on a regular basis and our larger buildings are monitored by a third party fire monitoring company. Keyed entries to each residence as well as each bedroom suite adds to the students' privacy, safety, and security in their new home. We have ensured that all our rooms have double-insulated walls to allow you to work or study in peace.

Flexible Leasing

Skrtich Living is focused on making the leasing process as simple, eco-friendly, and straight forward as possible. Live out of town? No problem. A leasing agent will email you a copy of our lease for you to review, fill out, sign, and email back. Students applying for accommodations will only be guaranteed their suite once Skrtich Living has received first and last months rent and the fully signed lease.

Skrtich Living is proud to offer individual contracts, with no liabilty for your housemates. This is a significant advantage over the joint leases used by other landlords where each resident is liable for the rent of all residents in the unit. Heading home for the Summer? Not a problem! Skrtich residents are welcome to sublet their room for the Summer months (upon a approval from the rental office). Ask us about our 4 and 8 month lease options which compliment the academic calendar!

Deposit & Rent Payment

The payment of first and last months rent is required in order to secure your booking. Rooms are rented on a first come, first serve basis. Skrtich Living will accept this payment by transfer to our payee name, TenantPay. The resident and/or parents may set up TenantPay as a payee through their bank. Your leasing agent will issue you a secure TenantPay account number with which you can transfer first and last as well as your monthly rent once moved in. Are you an international student? TenantPay has partnered with Western Union to make your payments easy and convenient! For more information about TenantPay visit

Maintenence & Repairs

At Skrtich Living, we're always on duty. We are a reputable property management company with staff experienced and skilled in addressing all of your student needs. Our local office is supported by a large network of leasing, trades, and maintenance personnel.

Because our student properties are maintained to a high standard, the likelihood of any problems during your time with us is minimized. Inevitably, despite our efforts, maintenance issues do arise from time to time. You can be confident that you will be able to contact us 24/7 to report anything that needs attention through our web repair portal on the Skrtich Living website. Our web repair portal allows students to log a fault any time, day or night.  Your repair request will be logged and a member of our maintenance team will aim to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  For anything we can’t fix ourselves, we use only trusted contractors who go through a vigorous approval process. Comfort and life safety issues are given immediate attention.

What To Bring

A standard room includes a bed, storage space, mini fridge, and study desk. Each ensuited room includes your own private bathroom. Each room is fitted with window coverings. Our properties are comfortably furnished in the common areas including a flat screen TV and kitchens are equipped with basic cooking equipment (stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwashers). You need to bring your own linen for your bed but we will provide you with a freshly laundered mattress protector. Coin-operated laundry facilities are found in each Skrtich Living residence. The student will need to bring the rest: cookware, cutlery, linen, pillows, duvets and towels should all be on the list. Select locations include basic cookware, cutlery, etc.

New Properties

Skrtich Living is always expanding our portfolio of properties. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram or simply check out our website from time to time to see new residences coming soon. Please note that residents of brand new residences may expect some disruptions and construction after moving in for a short period of time.

Moving In & Moving Out

Each resident will be welcomed to their new home with a freshly cleaned bedroom suite.  Keys are available for pick-up and return at the Skrtich Living office - 51 Front Street South, Thorold, ON L2V 1W8 - between 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday. Unable to make it between those times? No worries - simply contact your leasing agent to make alternate arrangements. Leases begin and end at noon on the first and last day of the lease agreement. You must leave your residence clean and clear all of your personal belongings by noon on the last day of your lease. This is to ensure our staff has time to inspect your room after you've moved out.


All Skrtich Living residences are located within 5KM of Brock University and a 6-10 minute drive from Brock University and both Niagara College campuses. The Niagara Region is home to efficient public transport. Please visit for information on bus routes from your residence. Residents of downtown Thorold benefit from three direct buses to Brock University; passing every 30 minutes.

General Enjoyment

Each Skrtich Living residence is built with resilient channeling making our residences at least 80% sound proof! This material stops the vibrations of sound travelling through the walls. For all residents comfort and safety, Skrtich Living requires residents to abide by our very reasonable house rules such as: no smoking, no cooking past midnight, and maintaining ordinary cleanliness of the common areas. Feel free to hang photos, posters, etc to make your room your own!


When can I schedule a viewing?
Viewings are scheduled Monday-Friday between the hours of 10AM-5PM and select evenings/weekends during peak times. You can also view our accommodations on-line by searching our database of properties.

Can I secure a room without a viewing?
Yes. Simply call or email your leasing agent - they will send you the lease and provide you with a TenantPay number to make your payment of first and last.

Is it possible to share a room at Skrtich Living?
Our bedroom suites are single occupancy to avoid overcrowding. You are allowed to have guests stay overnight as long as their stay doesn't exceed two nights - if so you must inform your Skrtich Living prior to their stay. The only person entitled to occupy your room is you. We can arrange for two people to take two bedrooms in one house, or houses close to each other, depending on availability.

How many students live at Skrtich Living?
Over 250 students and working professionals live in Skrtich Living residences and apartment buildings.

Who will I be living with?
As a Skrtich Living resident you will be living in a friendly environment with other students and professionals who have all undertaken the same application and approvals process. All residences are mixed genders.

Are your residences suitable for post-graduates?
Yes, it's perfect. We welcome postgraduates and working professionals at our residences and it goes without saying you'll enjoy the space to study in our spacious suites and still be part of the student scene.

Is there a curfew?
There is no curfew at Skrtich Living, however, we do operate a 'quiet hours' policy between 10:00pm and 7:00am.

What happens if I lose my key or get locked out of my room?
You will need to pay $25+ for a new key(s). Should you need us to unlock your room you will have one free unlock between 9AM-5PM on business days. Thereafter, a $10 lockout fee will be charged if the lockout is between 9AM-5PM (after 5PM the rate is $50+ with no grace period). Premium rates apply on long-weekends and holidays. Lockout fees are due upon services rendered.

Will my rent include tenant's insurance?
NO, tenant's insurance is not provided by Skrtich Living. Skrtich Living accepts no responsibility for lost/stolen/damaged personal belongings during your stay in the house. We encourage all tenants to arrange for their own personal contents insurance.

Can I bring my own furniture?
Skrtich Living provides fully furnished accommodations from common areas to room suites.  You are welcome to bring furniture for your room as long as it can fit amongst the furniture we provide. You may not store excess furniture in the common areas or halls as this is a fire hazard.

Can I smoke in my residence?
No, we operate a strict no-smoking policy at all of our residences.

Do you allow pets?
We do not allow pets in our shared residences.

What is Skrtich Living's "green" policy?
At Skrtich Living, we are focused on sustainability and committed to reducing waste and energy use. All materials selected for the interior of our buildings have been chosen for their long life, low maintenance and low energy use. In addition, we provide recycling receptacles to make sure all residents and staff do their bit to keep our residences environmentally friendly. We aim to re-use as many items as we can, and recycle as much as possible. We encourage residents to be mindful of their energy use and commit to recycling as much as possible. We also encourage the donation of used or unwanted clothing, shoes, household goods and bedding; extending the lives of these items.

Do you have other rentals available that are not rooms or student housing?

Yes we do! Visit our sister company Kika Living at

In Closing..

We hope this page has provided you with all the information you require as you, or your son/daughter begin their academic career. The information contained on this page aims to ease away any worries you may have. However, if you should have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact your leasing agent.

We at Skrtich Living want you or your son/daughter to enjoy their independence. We also want to ensure that you know we will provide a supportive, safe living environment as well as a brilliant living experience that will help prepare our residents for life beyond university and college.

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